Sunday, July 23, 2006


Madhur Bhandarkar, a two time National Awards winner, latest offering in his realist celluliod drama. I think Bhandarkar has been good, never great. What has been commendable is the performers he has managed to get. My favourite portryal has been Atul Kulkarni in 'Satta', one of the greyest characters in recent cinema.

Till the time I figure out how to add links to my site, pls check out the review borrowed from my friend, and my comments on the same at Sort of completes the story from my perspective.

I am off to watch the second instalmnent of the 'Pirates' today. I absolutely loved the first rendition and Johnny Depp's portrayal, reminded me so much of early Rushdie, especially 'Haroun and the Sea of Stories' which was the first Rushdie I read. So I guess my readers can await that.

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xanjukta said...

How soon will you write the review for the secon 'Pirates'???